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Coffee Peeler Polisher

The SPECTRUM Coffee Peeler Polishers is specially designed for processing of dry parchment coffee. When fitted with Phosphor bronze cone and liners, they provide a fine polish and colour to the coffee beans. The machines can be used for peeling and polishing or for only polishing to remove the silver skin. Since the machine performs both peeling and polishing operations simultaneously, there is no necessity for passing the parchment through a huller prior to polishing. This not only saves considerable energy but also prevents the coffee beans from damage and heating.

The Coffee Peeler Polisher is provided with an intake hopper, Hopper Slide Gate for feed regulation, flanged and sealed ball bearings, discharge spout with control door and counter weight, suction fan and aspiration piping and shaft suitable for Electric Motor.

The Coffee Peeler Polisher is provided with independent drives for the Hulling Shaft and the Aspiration Blower. It is also provided with a hinged lower section for easy tilt down for cleaning purposes.

Capacities range from 250 kgs per hour to 4000 kgs per hour. When the parchment is fed at the right moisture content, the machines produces green coffee without bean breakage and with uniform degree of polishing.


Technical Features

  • Available with Cylinder and Cone having Phosphor bronze liners.
  • Independent drives for hulling Shaft and Aspiration Blower.
  • Easy tilt down of lower section for cleaning purposes.


Description PP-25 PP-50 PP-100 PP-200 PP-400
Power Required in HP 10 15 23 45 82.5
Capacity per hour in Kgs 250 500 1,000 2,000 4,000
Nett Weight in Kgs 575 650 900 2,350 7,200
Gross Weight in Kgs 750 850 1,300 2,700 8000
Shipping Volume in Cu Mtrs 4.0 4.25 4.75 8.6 14.5


Note :

  • Capacities are indicated for output of Green Coffee beans.
  • In View of Improvements in design, Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.